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T-Ball and Basher Ball

The Highland T-Ball and Basher Ball program is an introduction to both Baseball and Softball Fundamentals for players 3 to 6 years old.  The program is broken down into 2 divisions, T-ball and Basher Ball.  Both divisions emphasize learning the basic skills of fielding, throwing, running the bases and hitting with the rules of the game of baseball and softball being introduced.  The main differences for T-ball and Basher ball are listed below.   

General Information:

  • The spring season will begin in late May and end in early July.
  • Fall seasons will begin in mid August and end in late September.
  • Registration fees: T-Ball - $100 

        Basher Ball - $110

  • Games/Practice:  Twice/week with one practice and one game
  • Equipment: Each player should bring to practice/games: glove, helmet, bat and water bottle.
  • Team equipment supplied by RAH: balls, tees, bases, and uniforms (t-shirt jerseys)

T-Ball Division

  • Registration fee: $100
  • Strictly for ages 3 and 4 year old players only(4 year old players will not be able to play up in Basher Ball)
  •  Games will be no more than 3 innings long with a time limit of one hour.
  • Batters will hit off the tee with no outs and everyone getting to hit all the way through the order before switching offense to defense. 
  • Introduction to: running the bases, hitting off of a tee, batting order, defensive positions, taking turns, working together and having fun.
  • No scoring takes place with little to no emphasis on winning or losing.  

Basher Ball Division

  • Registration fee:  $110
  • Strictly for ages 5 and 6 year old players only(5 year old players will not be able to play down in T-ball unless underlying circumstances exist) 
  • Games will be 3 innings with a one hour time limit
  • Introduction to: 3 outs (force outs), coach pitching (hitting off the tee opportunities will still exist for players unable to hit a thrown pitch), running the bases, batting order, defensive positions, taking turns, being a good sport, and working together while having fun.
  • Each team bats all players through the lineup unless 3 outs occur prior to making it to the end of the batting order before switching offense to defense.  Batting order starts where it left off from prior inning from the last out made.  
  • The main difference between T-ball and Basher ball is the introduction of the outs and what happens after getting out while playing offense in the game of baseball or softball.  
  • No scores are kept but the introduction of how to be a good sport when competing against another team whether winning or losing the game takes place.  (How to be a good winner/ How to be a good loser)


Director of T-Ball: Jason Ciocca - [email protected]

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